4 Things You Should Ask Your Roofing Professional

Noticed any signs of leaking or damage around the roof? Now is the time to replace the roof system and renovate foundation. However, you can’t just hire any person to do the job. It that’s a quality roofing professional to do the job right the first time.

Here are 4 things you should ask your roofing professional.

Can you reveal your license to work?

Most US states require any contractor to have a license for legal work and hire. Without a proper license, you can’t assume that the job will be done right, especially the first time without hassle. Before you consider hiring the person, be sure to check their license and ensure that it is valid. You can also check out sites online to view their credentials and rating.

Do you have insurance?

Every quality roofing professional must have two forms of insurance, which includes the workman’s compensation and the general liability insurance. This is to protect the workers who get injured during the job at your home. Without any insurance, you might have to pay the medical bill. The general liability will also cover your property. If there was any chance of damage to your home, their insurance will be able to cover the client.

Can I have some references?

Always check out your contractor’s list of references to help you get a better insight on their services. You can contact previous clients who are included on the list and find out about their services and the experience they had. Just be sure that you are talking to valid clients and not a fake client.

Will you provide the estimate in writing?

The roofing professional should provide a written estimate of the work that needs to be done to your home, you must ensure that you have all the details written, including the starting date, end date, payment process, and anything else needed to be written. Be sure to ask for a list of items that need to be used and what services they will need to provide.

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