Top 3 Ways Climate Can Wreak Havoc on Your Home Roof System

Living in an area that’s prone to thunderstorms, harsh winds, and tornadoes?  The earth’s climate can play a huge impact on the health of your home, especially the roof. In fact, even the best materials used to build your home can be affected and damaged due to the earth’s natural disasters. If your home is located somewhere with hazardous climate, you will need to use special roofing materials and elements to help your home survive.

Here are the top 3 ways climate can wreak havoc on your home roof system.

Harsh Winds

The strength of harsh winds has the power to cause major damage to the roof. In areas where homes are prone to storms, these regions have more of a chance of damage.  To help protect your home from any major destruction, you will need to make sure that your home roofing system is properly installed and built with the best quality materials. After a storm hits, you must contact your professional roofer to inspect the roof and determine any signs of damage. Be sure to inspect for any signs of damage and missing tiles or shingles anywhere along the roof system.

High Altitude

Do you live up in the mountains? The high altitude may also affect your roof system. In areas with high altitudes, your roof may become at risk of factors such as density, solar radiation air pressure, temperature, and more – all of which will lead to wear and tear damage to the roof. Be sure to build your roofing system using the most appropriate material so that it lasts longer in high altitude. You should also practice regular routine maintenance on your roof and clean your gutters on a regular basis.


As a common problem in snow-filled regions, the effects of snow vary per style of roof.  When the roof is properly insulated with a higher pitch, it will have more durability than a roof with a low pitch. If you have an excessive amount of snow accumulated on your roof, you will have to remove it immediately before the force becomes too heavy to handle. Otherwise, you will also end up with roof damage, cracked walls, and major leaks around the roof area.

It is important to keep in mind that whenever you see any signs of damage on your roof, you should get it repaired and fixed right away. The stability of the roof will protect your home to its best ability. Once it becomes vulnerable, your entire home will have a chance of risk. Be sure to call your roofing professional to get your regular annual check-up on your roof and make sure you are prepared for any unexpected disasters.