4 Things You Should Know Before You Install a New Roofing System

Whenever homeowners discover a problem with the roof, they often find themselves installing a brand new one rather than fixing the damage. For many, they also choose to install a new roof to improve the overall renovation of their home. Whichever reasons you may have for installing a new roof, we’ve provided a list of what you should know beforehand.

Here are 4 things you should know before you install a new roofing system.

New Technology in Roofing Systems

Nowadays, more shingled roofs offer Energy Star ratings. These are meant to reflect the sun’s harsh UV rays and heat away from the home and reduce the cost of electricity. These roofs will leave you with plenty of money saved during the long run when compared to sticking to regular roof systems.

Longer Warranty Protection

It was only 10 years ago when the standard warranty you used for a new roof lasted as long as 20 years. Now, more companies are providing better warranty options as shingled roofs can be protected for up to 50 years. As a result, new roofs equal to long-term protection.

Increase the Value of the Home

With a new roof, you can expect the value of your home to rise significantly. This is because it will attract buyers and help you sell your home a whole lot faster. That will also allow you to save money and spend less on marketing and paying your real estate agent large sums.

Improve the Overall Look of the Home

With a new roof system, you can improve the overall appearance of the home. There are plenty of roofing types available to choose from that will suit your needs. You can choose a variety of styles and colors that will enhance the home’s appearance.

Always be sure to get your roof professionally inspected by an expert once or twice a year, depending on the location and area you live in. The roof is a major part of the home. Without proper maintenance, you can find yourself unprotected during the harsh weather.